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Controversy if we like each other: TVA and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge talk about the situation

Controversy if we like each other: TVA and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge talk about the situation

last April, duty He published an article on sexologist Louise Seguin. In it, it was pointed out that the previous candidates for the show If we love each other They filed a complaint with the Professional Syndicate of Sexologists of Quebec regarding their participation in the TVA documentary.

Louise Sigouin took the floor two weeks later to indicate that she would be retiring from the matter. All the details are here.

We spoke with Dennis Dubois, Vice President of Original Content at Quebecor Content, about the situation.

For us, it didn’t change anything tell us. ” Louise continued to do the same work. We, we have nothing to blame, neither with production nor with Louise. We made sure that Louise was good there and that the participants – because we were filmed – were also good. We explained the situation to people and everyone continued the adventure despite everything. There were no issues. Louise withdrew from the Guild of Sexologists, so she had more freedom. »

As you can imagine, this was not an easy time for the wizard. ” We took care of her “, He says. ” You got the support you need. »

What caused confusion among the people who complained (and the complaint, we never got it anyway), is the headphone, but we make TV, so all of our broadcasters have headphones. Maybe that was the misconception, people thought he was told what he was going to say.”he adds. “Otherwise, then, it’s demonstrative. So, when we agree to do it, sometimes we may not be proud of it. [ce qu’on y voit]. But for us, we are very proud of this product, it works very well, and we receive a lot of positive comments from the public. The positives were much more than the negatives. But this is the existence of social networks....”

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Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, who runs docureality with his wife Emily Bégin, says on the matter: We texted Louise or two, telling her “You’re going in a little while, I know what it is, don’t worry, you’ll come out a winner from this.” He is an exceptional person who has helped so many people. This is very typical of humanity in general. The one who comes in, who stands out a little, if you save someone, you feel good. But if you go a little too far, with your brilliance, with his eloquence, and with a confusing humanity that you might not have in life, we stick out our fangs. »

Add : ” I’m glad what happened to her because, in my opinion, that’s just my opinion, she’s liberated. She is a working woman with background and experience and has a thunder instinct. Sometimes, when you’re in a frame, instinct has to settle in for a bit. »

Note that production is currently looking for pairs to participate in If we still love each other. “ The approach is the same, but we are interested in couples who are going through tough times in their lives and who want to give themselves a second chance,” Tell us Dennis Dubois. “ We’re making some small changes, but it’s still the same formula. But this time, Guillaume and Emily won’t be in the living room. »

At the moment, the date for the upcoming seasons of . has not been announced If we love each other.