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Contract worth $270,000 to perform an autopsy at the launch of SAAQclic | SAAQ’s challenging digital transformation

This was confirmed by the new Chairman and CEO of legEric Ducharme, during a study session on budget appropriations that took place on Tuesday afternoon, in the National Assembly.

The contract was awarded by mutual agreement with the approval of the Board of Directors of a company leg and the Department of Cyber ​​and Digital Security, said Mr. Ducharme.

PwC’s mandate casts a fairly wide net.

Can the problems we experienced be avoided? What else could have been done differently? Also, regarding digital authentication, have the right solutions been taken? »

Quote from Eric Ducharme, CEO, SAAQ

Ducharme expects PricewaterhouseCoopers to file a report by next summer.

Will the report be made public?

Faced with this revelation, the Quebec Liberal Party’s transportation spokesperson, André A. Morin, asked the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Genevieve Guilbeault, to commit to publishing a report PricewaterhouseCooperswhich she refused to do.

We’ll give ourselves the right to see it first and then we’ll see. One thing is certain, at least the conclusions of the report will be made public.said the minister.

I haven’t seen the report at the moment, and I reserve a certain right in reserve. »

Quote from Genevieve Guilbeault, Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility

Genevieve Guilbeault, Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility. (file photo)

Photo: The Canadian Press/Jacques Boacino

the CEO affiliate leg He also confirmed that the hard launch of the SAAQclic platform resulted in overtime totaling approximately $2.6 million as of April 27.

In his opinion, it was difficult to anticipate that the launch of a new IT platform would create such long lines in the offices leg.

However, Mr. Ducharme believes some things could have been done differently. More staff could have been provided, should a slippage occur. More publicity upstream could also have been done to make SAAQclic better known.

Can any other heads roll?

When he left the budget appropriations meeting, Mr. Ducharme suggested it be leg It is currently heading towards returning to normal.

We make sure to get back on track and ride the wave. It has been getting better for several days. We issue all recordingsHe said.

But he confirmed that he would then evaluate his entire management team, in light of the events of recent months. I will be able, one day, to see if there are changes that need to be madedid he say.

We will tour with teams and we will tour with each individual. »

Quote from Eric Ducharme, CEO, SAAQ

Remember, Mr. Ducharme recently took the reins legafter the government fired Dennis Marsoulais, the former CEO who was at the helm of the organization when SAAQclic was launched.

Mr. Marsoulis was relieved of his duties on 5 April. Then Minister Genevieve Gilbeult admitted her dissatisfaction with the lack of planning and the decision to close offices leg for three weeks prior to launching the SAAQclic.

On Tuesday afternoon, while examining the budget appropriations, Ms. Guilbolt but let us understand that it was not possible to use the computer to apply the SAAQclic at various stages.

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