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Condorcet space. Lillian Coquet was rewarded for her commitment

Here surrounded by Philippe Charpin, Chairman of Café de l’Eure, Bruno Koestel, Member of Parliament, Bruno Leonardozi, Inspector of Youth and Sports, Isabelle Royer, President of Espace Condorcet, and Sebastien Saboya, Director of the Social Centre, Lilian Coquet is honored for her commitment to Condorcet. (© L’Impartial)

Liliane Coquet left the presidency of Espace Condorcet last June after fifteen years at the helm of the Guillon Community Centre.

A few weeks after Nadine Benson, who is still a member of the Federation’s Board of Directors, received the Youth and Sports Medal from Bruno Leonardozi, Inspector of Youth, Participation and Sports, as well as the National Assembly Medal presented by LREM Representative Bruno Koestel on Tuesday October 5 at the Condorcet headquarters.

A ceremony was held in the presence of elected officials, former elected officials and several members of the association.

“Extraordinary volunteer”

Isabelle Royer, who succeeded Liliane Coquet as President of the Condorcet, addressed the recipient:

“Today, we pay tribute to an extraordinary volunteer, an outstanding volunteer, but also an outstanding president. Lillian, through your humility, you represent the most precious thing in the social and solidarity economy: humanity. These rewards constitute recognition of your commitment by the institutions.”

Isabelle Royer

Bruno Leonardozi then took the floor to stress the “good cohesion” of the social center under Lilian Coquet. Then, he quotes Condorcet, thinking it fits well with Lilian Coquet’s work: “It does not matter that everything is fine, as long as we make sure that everything is better than it was before us.”

Bruno Koestel went on to point out “the Espace Condorcet’s essential nature of city life in Gaillon” which allows “appropriate attention to those who suffer”.

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The words especially moved Lillian Coquet, who held back a few tears. She made the audience laugh by declaring that it was her “last speech”.

Custom medals there condorcet

Before proceeding: “These medals make me very proud. I dedicate them to the entire Condorcet team, to the Board of Directors and the professionals who accompanied me. These are the people who have given me so much and have always been eager to work for the collective good. During these years of working with you, you have brought me so much personal satisfaction. I am proud of my participation in ensuring recognition of the work of the Gaillon Social Center in Normandy and even in France.”

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