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Condoms: a combination of artistic genres at Espace Saint-Michel

Condoms: a combination of artistic genres at Espace Saint-Michel

Freshness and tranquility in the “Louvre condomois”, in other words in the Espace Saint-Michel, with the exhibition “Par Chemins”. After training in Art Deco, Parisian and visual artist Helen Meruben began working in figurative pastels. But for more excitement, I decided to move on to abstract art. His works are exquisite with areas of folded and creased Chinese paper where color is deposited on a thin film. The space reveals itself in disarray with its own colorful vibes in the imagination, which he will copy. The paper is coated before or after gluing. The color, made up of ten different coats of paint, provides overall harmony. Each painting tells a story, Morning Calm evokes a soothing aspect, in homage to Monet with an impression of Giverny’s water lilies. By immersing yourself in the “darkness”, you discover the light that plays with bas-reliefs.

Opening Friday evening at Espace Saint-Michel

Graphic designer Iris Dixon explains the art of typography, a magical art that dates back to the 12th century. At first, we don’t know the end result, nor the final layers, nor the appearance. The ink is placed in the grooves of the plate and enters the paper. In his series “The Imaginary Carpet” we find the story of the common thread. The colorful masks form a tangle of dreamlike or real plants and animals. Maps with collages give free rein to the imagination with tattered reliefs painted with synthetic pigments or charcoal.

We find Julien Righi’s Landes origins with his woodwork. After CAP as a sculptor, he turned into more works of art using recovered and recycled materials. The series “Little Arrow” and “Mysterious City” are absorbed into representations of fictional cities with houses with small windows.

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Opening takes place on Friday, August 5 at 6:30 p.m., and the exhibition is scheduled to be discovered until August 28.