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Complex Capital Helicopters has ceased part of its activities

Complex Capital Helicopters has ceased part of its activities

This is a carefully considered decision regarding the decrease in event volume since the pandemic. All deposits made in respect of event rentals will be refundeddefines Brouillard, the agency responsible for communications for the Huot Group.

However, activities related to Resto-Bar Le Commandant, Capitale Hélicoptère Flight School, Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Center and GoHelico are still available.

The group also denied information indicating that it was trying to get rid of the complex, contrary to what was said in some media outlets.

In connection with the indication regarding the sale of the building, the complex is assessing its potential, but no decision has been made on this subject yet.Brouillard.

Huot Real Estate Group, which operates several construction sites and real estate projects in the Quebec region, has recently received help from the Quebec business community.

In the current context of the economic situation, particularly the rise in interest rates, the increase in the cost of materials as well as the availability of labor, a group of Quebec businessmen and women are mobilizing to provide financial support to the Huot Group in maintaining its operations, per a press release issued on February 24.

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