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Completely unknown for his new role, Bradley Cooper is making the rounds on the web

Completely unknown for his new role, Bradley Cooper is making the rounds on the web

Will you know him? New photos are currently circulating in which the completely unrecognizable Bradley Cooper appears in his latest role.

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in the movie bandleader artistslated to hit Netflix at the beginning of 2023, the 47-year-old actor slips into the skin of Leonard Bernstein, the piano composer to whom we owe, among other things, the score of the musical. West side story.

Earlier on Monday, the American platform released photos taken during filming showing Bradley in the role. One photo in particular is doing Internet rounds, showing the actor, unrecognizable with his white hair and obvious wrinkles, playing the role of elderly Leonard Bernstein.

In other photos released by Netflix, the nine-time Academy Award-nominated actor is seen playing a younger version of the American pianist, alongside Carey Mulligan, who plays his wife Felicia Montenegrin.

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In addition to playing in bandleader artistBradley Cooper directs the film, which also stars Jeremy Strong, Maya Hawke and Matt Bomer.

The actor is no stranger to transforming his role. We can see it with Long hair and full beard In Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest films, Licorice pizzawhich was set in the seventies.

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