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Complaint regarding Louise Sigouin's participation in Si on s'aime: "I chose to withdraw from the Professional Syndicate of Sexologists of Quebec"

Complaint regarding Louise Sigouin’s participation in Si on s’aime: “I chose to withdraw from the Professional Syndicate of Sexologists of Quebec”

I learned of the complaint brought against me by the Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec against me, which is clearly shocking considering that this is the first complaint of any kind made against me in my 30 years in business. On Thursday, April 14, I obtained the nature of the complaints addressed to me, and am now awaiting the details surrounding these complaints which I will deal with as a matter of priority and seriousness.

Out of respect for the ongoing disciplinary process that Duo Productions It has been fully collaborative for nearly two years now, and since the guide hasn’t been released yet, I won’t comment on its content.

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However, I would like to point out that on several occasions since 2016, many years before the first season of the show aired If we love each otherI called the system to present the television project in which I intended to participate as a relationship support and sexologist, a profession I’ve pursued since receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Sexology in 1992 at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

I made sure to take steps with the matter in order to honor my ethical obligations given that this project was completely new and innovative.

Although the outcome of this complaint cannot be known at this point and I will continue to deal with this complaint, I have chosen to withdraw from the Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec. It seems to me that this measure is the only possible solution that will allow me to pursue my obligations with complete peace of mind towards the participants in Season 4. If we love each other And return Duo Productions, While resolving the situation with the command.

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Based on the outcome of the complaint, I will make a decision regarding my continuing membership in the College, an organization that I consider important and necessary to protect the public. It does not seem to me that my direct membership in the organization is necessary to continue my activities under If we love each other Or in the support I provide to my clients.

Indeed, my experience in sexology is secondary in the context of the program: it is my approach to the five binary that has a huge positive impact on the concept of the program but also and above all with the people of Quebec, especially in the exploration of self-knowledge.

Dans la période que l’on vit, ma mission d’aider le maximum de gens à évoluer individuellement et en relation est plus importante que jamais et je ne peux me résigner à tirer un trait sur le partage de ces outils qui font ifféré réelle d Widely.

I am so grateful for the support of my clients, viewers, readers, past participants, and unwavering support from Duo Productions, TVA, and Quebecor Content in this case.

If the participants feel that they have not been sufficiently accompanied and supported during their appearance on the TV show, despite the help and measures taken, then know that this worries me greatly.

Louise Seguin, the show’s sexologist If we love each other