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Compensation for Australia’s aboriginal ‘stolen generation’

Compensation for Australia’s aboriginal ‘stolen generation’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that Australia will provide $ 75,000 to many Indigenous Australians when they are children.

Thousands of aboriginal and Torres Strait Island youths were evicted from their homes and placed with white foster families as part of a series of official integration policies in the 1970s.

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“What has happened is a shameful chapter in our national history,” Morrison told aboriginal Australians of this “stolen generation” in parliament.

“We have faced this with a national apology before, but our actions must match our words,” he added. He said the stories of suffering were “not just stories of the past, but stories that will continue to resonate for generations.”

The announcement was welcomed by Australian Aboriginal rights advocates who are severely backward in health, income and education.

Human damage

Mr Morrison announced that A $ 378.6 million would be allocated to mitigate the human damage caused by the integration policy.

Payments will be made to people living in areas administered by the Commonwealth during compulsory relocation – Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra and Gulf of Jervis.

The program provides a one-time payment of $ 75,000 in recognition of the harm done to survivors, $ 7,000 in “helping to heal” and the opportunity to tell their story and apologize in person to a senior government official. In writing.

Strong imbalances

There are relief organizations in other Australian states, but the federal government has so far failed to follow suit.

Federal payments are part of a $ 1 billion plan to reduce the severe inequalities faced by Indigenous Australians.

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