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Commissioner Moulin’s interpreter Yves Rainier dies

Commissioner Moulin’s interpreter Yves Rainier dies


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Yves Rainier died at the age of 78 of a heart attack, on Saturday April 24th, after 50 years of television work. He especially personified the unforgettable Commissioner Mulan on TV.

From a reckless commissioner or young prime minister, Yves Rainier would have lived 50 years of French television. His television debut came in 1961 in happy Days, A play shot for ORTF. He became a real star in 1965, at Belvigor, In which he plays a young student leading the investigation. Globe TrotterThe story of two traveling journalists is his other success story in the 1950s. “I am 22 years old and have been around the world two or three times so I can’t complain”, Abdicated Yves Rénier in 2019.

In 1976, he played Commissioner Mullen, the role of his career. He took a break in 1982, but came back in 1989. Yves Rainier divided his time between an actor’s career and that of a director. He signed some TV movies based on major court cases. He died at the age of 78 of a heart attack on Saturday April 24th.

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