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Comments deemed anti-gay: Ron MacLean apologizes and disputed misunderstanding

Comments deemed anti-gay: Ron MacLean apologizes and disputed misunderstanding

Show host Hockey Night in Canada Ron McLean on Wednesday apologized for remarks he considered anti-gay the day before during the match report between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leaves.

During the second break, the 61-year-old McLean hinted at a picture on a shelf behind former National Hockey League (NHL) defender Kevin Bixa, who is now a regular contributor to the show.

Referring to a picture of another former National Hockey League player who turned to the media, Maclean described Anthony Stewart as a “shirtless” man, adding that Bixa should be “positive about something.” However, he noted that he was talking about rum.

First, I am so sorry and apologize for what happened tonight [mardi]MacLean wrote in a long post on Twitter. Early in the show, we had a comedic moment about a photo of our colleague Anthony Stewart having fun at a party with rum. This photo, along with a few others, was on Kevin Pixa’s shelf for the rest of the evening. “

On the second break, when Kevin joked that he was “the most positive person in the group,” I drew viewers’ attention to this photo by using the phrase “tarp” (without a shirt) to mark the picture with the bottle of rum, and I joked, “You will be tested positive for something.” I meant Rum. I understand that when people hear a conversation between two people, the possibility of misunderstanding is there. If I have only heard the last sentence, I fully understand how this misunderstanding happened. I am very sorry. “

However, the host did not explain himself publicly, stating that words and a sense of responsibility weren’t enough. Contact several LGBTQ2S + activists for advice.

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“I have spoken to many leaders of the Equality Movement, my LGBTQ2S + community allies and colleagues to benefit from their wisdom, and we continue to join our efforts to take care of us all. I appreciate the power of the voices that spoke to me tonight. [mardi] And this morning [mercredi]. It opens up the field of possibilities. This is how the changes happen. “

Remember, in November 2019, Don Sherry was fired for racist comments made during the “Coach’s Corner” segment, hosted by MacLean. The latter then distanced himself from Chery’s words, stating that “diversity is the strength of a country.”