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Coming Soon Google Wallet?

Coming Soon Google Wallet?

Summary After bringing together all the card management tools in Google Pay a few years ago, Google is preparing to step back in order to better distinguish between the different uses.

What if, after integrating Google Wallet into the Google Pay platform, the company revived its “digital wallet”? according to Mishaal Rahman, a journalist who specializes in all things Android, the process will be on the right track. In fact, Google is said to be developing a “wallet-style” interface for its Google Play Services.

The idea is simply to provide single and simplified access to all payments, credit, loyalty, transfer cards, etc. As already the case with Google Pay, this new interface will also make it possible to manage all of its payments without contact. In addition, cards added to this virtual wallet can be accessed from other Google services and devices in the ecosystem.

Launched in 2011 as an NFC payment tool, Google Wallet was finally integrated into Google Pay in 2018, as part of an overhaul of the app. A transition that has clearly caused enough confusion among some users to encourage Google to consider some kind of rollback.

In the future, things could get simpler again, with Google Pay for in-store payments and sending money between relatives, and Google Wallet for managing its various cards.

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