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Comedy Festival: Live 31 concert

Comedy Festival: Live 31 concert

With Michel Sharett and Gildor Roy in the animation for the 3rd Comedian Party! Feist, it was obvious that references to the series District 31 to be many. This was the case. Throughout a very well organized and entertaining evening.

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The two actors hosted a party at ComediHa! for the first time. And they were so happy to be together on the Capitol stage. And the audience, with a big slap, was also happy to witness this moment.

Gildor “Daniel Chiason” Roy initially said he bought his clothes from Marketplace.

“Who do you belong to?” asked, somewhat surprised, Michel “Bruno Gani” Sharett?

“To Eric Salville,” Gildor replied, explaining that it was a “stretchy” jumpsuit.

“the flies Michael Sharett said.

“I did the same,” Gildur Roy said, much to laughter.

As they showed the day before, at Dennis Derulet’s party, the two actors have a great bond and enjoy clicking each other. You can smell the chemistry. They compared themselves to eggs and bacon, and hot dogs to fries, crab and garlic butter.

Gildor asked his colleague if he played in the show km / h.

“It’s Michelle Barrett, I’m Charette,” he said, adding that he doesn’t need to have his teeth removed to work.

Michelle Charette and Gildor Roy during the animation for the fourth comic concert!  Festival at the Capitol Theatre.

Photo courtesy of Andre Olivier Lyra

Michelle Charette and Gildor Roy during the animation for the fourth comic concert! Festival at the Capitol Theatre.

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The ceremony was attended by PA Méthot, Mathieu Dufour, Simon Delisle, Alex Roy, Lise Dion, Dominic and Martin, Catherine Ethier and Mathieu Cyr.

Upon arriving on stage, P.A. Méthot explained that he and Michel Charette had lost, in terms of pounds, Gildor. Then the comedian proceeded to the topic of confinement, without drowning in it too much, fortunately.

“At some point, we’ll stop talking about it,” he said at the end of his case. Which might be a good idea in terms of entertainment.

We also treated Mathieu Dufour and Lise Dion who came to audition for new characters from District 31.

Matt Duff wanted to know all about the show. “Is Nick Romano on the SS payroll,” the two actors asked, who were frustrated.

Simone Delile indicated that we’ll have to come back from this show, recalling Jean Leu’s popular “Hot Dog” character Duval by Michel Charette in Hell Radio. He also referred to his role in the film Nitro 2.

“He saw the one. He agreed to play in both,” he recalled, noting that Marcel LeBeouf played a hitman.

He said, “He had to be killed with the neck of Hazel.”

And for a second evening, Michel Sharett once again presented “Food Rap” with great confidence.

At the beginning of the second part, the animators set out to show a theatrical figure, interrupted by the arrival of Robert LePage, who left his dime to give them some advice. An interesting number tainted by a question of cultural appropriation.

“You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble,” fired the director, who brought Danielle Proulx to play the role of mother and Simone Boliris, a gay son. Two roles were to be played by Gildor and Michel Sharett.

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We also brought a man in a disabled wheelchair, an identical twin, two police officers and even two dogs to play the other characters. A damn beautiful flash.

We really wanted to tell you the closing number, but we weren’t allowed to. Unfortunately, we have to wait for the telecast of this concert on TV. But she was on the boat.

The Comedy Festival resumes, Thursday, at 8 p.m., at the Capitol, with René Simard in the entertainment.