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Comedian Gilbert Comtoua has passed away

Comedian Gilbert Comtoua has passed away

Humorist Gilbert Comtoua He passed away on May 19, at the age of 83, and will forever be ” Big man On the authority of his wife Diane St. Jacques.

Gilbert Comtoua’s recent months have not been easy: He has undergone several operations requiring hospitalization, according to reports The Oriental Voices. « I went to see him every day and he was weakening. He was supposed to have a x-ray, but he died overnight », Diane Saint Jacques confirms daily, explaining that he shares with her the love of his profession, Luke SinaiAnd the Melissa Dion Of the countryAnd the Martin Gogon And the France Arbor.

A graduate of the National School of Theater of Canada, he has landed many roles over the course of his career: we were able to discover his talent, especially in films. Tell us about love (1976), Maria Chapdelin (1983) and Florida (1993) or briefly in the series The Beautiful Malaise 2.0.1 update (2021) and Tomorrow is men (2017) recently.

He was also one of the founders La Marjolin Theater, In Eastman. This century-old barn receives approximately 300 spectators per show, which the establishment identifies on its website. ” The curtain fell on Gilbert »He concludes with his wife.

Image source: Théâtre La Marjolaine photo site

All our thoughts are with those close to Mister Comtoua.

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