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Collin Society at Alice: Athletes Committed Against Genetic Diseases

Collin Society at Alice: Athletes Committed Against Genetic Diseases

Many sports gatherings and events support children with deformities, families, and research.

The Coline Society was founded on March 20, 2020 by Azucena and Henri Buisson, with the aim of helping their granddaughter Coline, who suffers from Franceschetti syndrome, a genetic disease that causes facial abnormalities, affects hearing and can cause respiratory distress in the most severe cases.

The association has been supporting children with this rare genetic disease for twenty-two years in France and abroad: We have those in Italy, and in Croatia, but also in England ”, Comments by Azucena Boyson, President of the Collin Society.

From August 19 to 21, sponsor Ludovic Dumas, vice-champion of France in the half-marathon, will run a daily marathon, from La Grande-Motte to Mas de La Barque, in order to make the association known to the public, encourage donations and find partners. “We haven’t heard about the association in recent years, attached. This does not mean that the disease has receded or that the children are no longer sick.

€260,000 has already been raised

Like most union structures, the Coline Association suffered two years of the health crisis. “It’s hard to restart the machine after challenges like Rawson Stadium have been canceled multiple times in 2020 and 2021.”

Organized every year, this sports challenge brings together 200-300 participants, and then ends with a scientific council headed by Dr. Henry Francis. Acna and the city of Rousson are organizing this year’s Nocturne Solidaire de Rousson on December 30 for the associations Coline, Cœur et Santé and Restos du Cœur.

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Since the creation of Coline, members of the association have raised nearly 260,000 euros, including more than 76,000 euros in funding for hearing aids and 40,000 euros for science, enabling four years of progress in research on this disease.