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Collapse in Florida: The condition of the building continues to deteriorate

Collapse in Florida: The condition of the building continues to deteriorate

This is what reveals a letter to the joint owners written by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Ownership Syndicate, which was revealed by several American media outlets on Tuesday, while Search and rescue operations continue unabated.

Jan Wodnecki’s letter was sent to residents last April in order to justify the rise in the labor bill, which amounted to $7 million in September 2018, following the inspection by Chancellor Frank Morabito, to more than 15 million since then. The case was due to be discussed a week later.

Appreciation [de M. Morabito] He indicated, among other things, that the observed tangible damage would begin to multiply exponentially over the years, reminds Mrs. Wodnicki to the residents.

In fact, the noticeable damage, especially in the garage, has worsened significantly since the initial inspection. When you see concrete cracks, it means that the rebar […] Rust and deteriorate below the surface.

The letter, accompanied by a long list of work to be done, as well as associated costs, indicates that the total bill has been the subject of tensions between the co-owners.

We’ve been discussing and debating and arguing for years, and this will continue for years to come, as other elements come into play.Wodnicki, who is not among the 12 dead and 149 people still considered missing, wrote collapse last thursday.

A man and woman pray near a memorial erected in front of a church not far from the collapsed building.

Photo: The Canadian Press / AP / Gerald Herbert

Concrete deterioration is accelerating. The situation of the roof became much worse, so repairs had to be included. […] New issues identified, explains further. Much of this work could have been done or planned in recent years. But that’s what we are today.

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Frank Morabito’s report indicated more specifically Significant structural damage To the concrete slab under the pool balcony, which had cracks and collapses plentiful On the columns, beams and walls of the garage located under the building of 136 apartments spread over 12 floors.

This report has been prepared for the re-accreditation of the building., a requirement in Florida for buildings in coastal areas that are 40 years old that have suffered the onslaught of hurricanes, storms and salty air. Salt, which is corrosive, can penetrate the concrete reinforcing bars, rust and steel beams inside.

This requirement was put in place after a previous building collapsed in Miami in 1974. As the South Champlain Towers condominium complex was built in 1981, it was due to be re-certified this year.

Two cranes appear in front of the building, one side of which is torn and partially destroyed.

Two huge cranes were installed on site to assist in search and rescue operations.

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / CHANDAN KHANNA

The White House said US President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, would visit the disaster site on Thursday. His spokesperson said they wanted to thank the first responders and search and rescue teams who are working hard and meeting the families stricken by this terrible tragedy.