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Collaborative workspaces to revitalize downtown Winnipeg

Collaborative workspaces to revitalize downtown Winnipeg

Launch Coworking Space offers collaborative workspaces in the Grain Exchange Building on Lombard Street in downtown Winnipeg.

Company President Jason Abbott acknowledges that the neighborhood is quieter than it was before the pandemic, but he believes co-working spaces will be part of the conversation about the future of downtown Winnipeg.

According to Abbot, these desks will help people escape the loneliness caused by working from home.

The people around you are the ones who inspire you to think differently. [Dans les espaces de co-travail]People will help you find the inspiration you need [par exemple] This extra sale. Don’t get that inspiration from your cat at home.

Quote from:Jason Abbott, President of Launch Coworking Space

A quarter of the passengers in the pre-pandemic period

According to Business Improvement Districts (BIZ) in the downtown Winnipeg area, 70,000 full-time workers held offices and businesses in the neighborhood before the pandemic.

downtown area to improve business, and Downtown Winnipeg Biz, commissioned by the company to conduct a survey Check your search. According to the findings, about a quarter of the people who worked downtown before COVID-19 now return there every day.

Check your search conducted a survey on behalf of Downtown Biz Between September 7-20, 2021 and survey a random sample of 600 Winnipeggers accessed by cell phone and landline. The margin of error is + or – 4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Despite these numbers, Abbott is optimistic. He remembers that the intersection of Portage Street and Main Street in Winnipeg has been at the heart of the business for decades.

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