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Cole Caufield wants to focus on his performance, not his next contract

Cole Caufield wants to focus on his performance, not his next contract

We’re going to run something from scratch, I ask you: If you were Kent Hughes, what would you do with Cole Caufield’s profile?

Are you going to sign it now to avoid a hostile show?

Are you going to sign him at the end of next season to see what he has? truly In the abdomen … even if he showed several Blinks interesting?


Tate Cool He will play the final year of his entry contract next season and is already eligible to sign a contract extension. Baby has proven that he can be part of the elite of the National Hockey League and will be one of the focal points of rebuilding the Montreal Canadiens.

The manager in question knows he’s about to break the bank… but he doesn’t really know when he’s going to do it. Even if the situation in which he finds himself is a bit stressful at times, the young man does not worry too much about it.

The important thing now is to perform on the ice.

“I focus on my game, it’s out of my control. I want to do everything I can to help the team win and be successful […] I can’t wait to start the season. »

A quote from this article is from La Poche Bleue, signed by Laurie Couture-Dallaire.

I really like the fact that he takes things so seriously (gained 5lbs of muscle this summer) and wants to focus on it Game instead of the next knot.

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Cole Caufield is not stupid: he knows that great things await him in the future and knows that money will come soon. I also don’t think he has to stress his job…at least not for the next few years.

However, I am really looking forward to seeing his next asking salary. Can we expect his contract to look like that of Suzuki? I think so. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same terminology, by the way… looks a bit like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews in Chicago.

The two young men are and will be the face of the team for many years. Why are they not secured now? The question is correct.

Many of

– I can’t wait to see him.

– Suzuki was the best choice.

As Patrick Lagasse said, the Canadian shirt is no longer sacred…

– Speaking of jacket.

– It’s up to him to adapt.

Interesting fact: