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Coldplay Exclusive Interview: "We Dream Our Concerts Are A Space Of Freedom"

Coldplay Exclusive Interview: “We Dream Our Concerts Are A Space Of Freedom”

Coldplay is in Belgium for four shows of events. As the first concert took place on Friday evening, the group’s vocalist, Chris Martins and guitarist Jonny Buckland, told at the microphone of our reporters, Emily Scheldt and Thomas Kennett, their secrets about their desire to take an eco-tour.

We love to go on tour, and we feel like that’s what we have to do, but we’re starting to feel more and more guilty because, say, we had to take a lot of planes,…so Chris said one day “I think we should find a way.” To make things better and have a better effect.” Fortunately, many people have come to us with great ideas.. Johnny Buckland explains.

If the challenge is formidable, Coldplay recognizes that the goals have not yet been fully achieved. They were only able to reduce their emissions by half. A first gesture that the pop-rock singer aspires to lead by example: “Fortunately, the more people take initiatives like ours, the less it will cost to make things happen. It would be more accessible and, to another extent, would encourage the people who build planes or manage oil to look to the future.

Going green, round letter?

Coldplay is clear on this: There is no need to tell others what to do. “When you’re a parent, your kids don’t really listen to what you say, they see what you do. I think it’s the same with artists. I think we shouldn’t point fingers, or tell someone what to do. But, instead, we need to show what works and what doesn’t. Our message is “We’re doing this, and it works, so if you want to do it, you’re great too.

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Music project collects

In addition to their environmental conscience, Chris Martins as an artist also wishes to convey a message of union. “What we dream about is for everyone to enjoy life in some way. The world today is very scary and crazy. But if we look at it this way, it’s easy to forget that humans are often kind. Yes, most people want to communicate with each other.“The energy the band feels on stage.”We as artists feel this deeply and love all human beings. We don’t care about religions, skin colors or who he is. Honestly, we don’t even believe in nationalities. All we dream of is our parties being a space of freedom where everyone feels good and comes as they are.”