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Coffield: The pilots quickly questioned themselves

Coffield: The pilots quickly questioned themselves

Currently, the two top Canadian scorers are Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki.

The first is 21 years old and the second is 23 years old.

And this reality where we see CH led by two young players fascinates Michel Therrien.

During his regular clip of “JiC” on Monday, the former Habs coach was pretty talkative about it.

Watch the full clip in the main video.

“Offensively, Montreal is compared to many of the teams that are in the playoffs. The good news out there is that this performance is basically the work of the youth. Caufields and Suzukis, the kind of guys that produce this youngster, there aren’t many of them.

“The new management has inherited a totally duo! We must not forget where these guys (Caufield and Suzuki) come from.

“I think the pilots somewhat regret their choice.”

Then Therrien went there with a somewhat revealing anecdote concerning the reputation of junior number 22 throughout the NHL.

In 2019, Flyers, with whom the coach worked at the time, spoke of a 14th place in the draft. When the rights to speak on “Philly” came, Caufield was still available.

But the Pennsylvania organization set its sights on American defender Cam York.

As of today, the young goalkeeper has played 37 games in the National Hockey League and collected 10 points. He currently plays in the American Hockey League.

Meanwhile, Caufield already has 58 points, including 34 goals, in 86 games.

While one holds his (NHL!) team at arm’s length, the other struggles to find his place in the same circuit.

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“I can tell you that shortly after the 2019 draft, Chuck Fletcher (Flyers general manager) went to watch some US dev team games where Coffield and York played. When he came back, we looked at each other and said, ‘You better be good, York.’ !”

“I think the pilots regret a little bit of their choice,” Terrain concluded.