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Coffield mocked missile opponents

Coffield mocked missile opponents

A Laval rocket encountered the comets Utica on Sunday.

Cole Caufield was wearing the Montreal Canadiens school club uniform, but was conservative early in the game.

Comets did not miss the opportunity to point out. They mocked Coffield after the first period.

“Hey Caufield, are you there?” Everyone says you’re here, but we didn’t realize it. Did you play in the first half? The team wrote sarcastically on their official Twitter account.

However, the hope of CH was indicated in the third period. He collected an assist in Laurent Dauphin’s goal, reducing the difference to 2-1. This is his first point since his MLS demotion. He was acquitted on his first appearance on Saturday.

The Comets finally won 4-2. Graeme Clark, Tess Thompson, Joe Gambardella and Jesper Bokvist (empty nets) scored the winners’ goals.

In Rocket, the second target was Jesse Yellonen’s work.

This is the fourth consecutive loss for Jean-Francois Houle’s forces, which will be able to recover on Wednesday when they host senators in Belleville.

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