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Coelho: Vaccinating at least 1,300,000 children against polio within 4 days

Coelho: Vaccinating at least 1,300,000 children against polio within 4 days

At least 1,300,000 children under the age of five were vaccinated against polio during the first phase of the campaign that took place from March 31 to April 3 in Coelho.

The Coordinating Doctor for the Expanded Immunization Program in Kwilu, Dr. Steve Matoma, delivered these figures on Saturday, April 13, to the press in Bandundu.

According to him, they represent a vaccination coverage rate of 102%.

On this occasion, Dr. Steve Matoma thanked the parents and all stakeholders for their participation:

“We are really satisfied with the organization of the polio vaccination campaign in Coelho District. All the committees were active, and the great satisfaction is that we covered almost all our children, and the end result is 102% vaccination coverage.

He noted that no health district in Coelho was rejected regarding the quality of vaccination.

However, Dr. Steve Matoma noted that bad weather conditions and dilapidated state of roads across the province are among the difficulties encountered during this mass campaign.

In the rain, representatives were present in the homes to vaccinate our children, and the condition of the roads in the governorate did not allow us to mobilize easily. There were also breakdowns in the vehicles and motorcycles we used during this campaign “, he added.

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