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Club Elecco: Melissa Desormo-Poulin will solve the mystery of "Lac-Noir"

Club Elecco: Melissa Desormo-Poulin will solve the mystery of “Lac-Noir”

Melissa Desormo Pauline has snuck into the skin of Valerie Roberge, the police officer at the center of the “Lac Noir” plot, a new suspense series of Elico Club To be discovered in the winter of 2022. Stefan Demers, Anthony Terrain and Norman Damore provide the answer.

Filmed since the beginning of the week in the Laurentians and on Montreal’s south shore, “Lac-Noir” unfolds in the fictional small municipality of the same name, isolated in the woods of the Laurentians.

After the unexplained disappearance of her partner, Valerie arrives there to lend a helping hand to Adrian (Stefan Demers), the local police chief, and arrives alongside her teenage son Dave (Anthony Terrain).

“We enter the village with my character, a policewoman who has been transferred to ‘Lac-Noir’ at her request, because her life has been rock ‘n’ roll. She is in depression and is on sick leave. She is a rookie and embarks on this investigation to forget her life. She is a survivor! With her son, We will discover this beautiful, but mysterious little village,” says Melissa Desormo Pauline.

hidden agendas

Quickly, Valerie will see that all is not well in Lac Noir. New disappearances occur. Accumulate suspects. The butcher Eddie (Normand Damore), the manipulative mayor Conrad (Andreas Abergés), Matthew the Hermit and his wife Sora (Victor Andrés Trills Torgon and Jade Mariuka Rubitail) and the Provost brothers (Alexander Castongue and Étienne Lou) are they snow white? A mysterious and dangerous aura hangs over society, which may not be ready for what lies ahead…

“This keeps us going until the end,” the actress adds. All characters have hidden agendas. The village is very tightly woven.

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nod to Gabi

The idea for the story “Lac Noir” originated in director Frederic Damore’s head nearly 15 years ago, when he was directing Melissa Desormo Boleyn on the set of the hit film. …a party!” “A movie that changed our lives” does not hesitate to present Melissa.

The director then told the actress about his imagination in designing a fantasy filled with mystery and horror, with dark outlines. Finally at the end of 2020, in the midst of a virulent pandemic, Frederic Damore received approval to implement his project. At Christmas, he calls Melissa to see if she is still interested in following him on his wonderful adventure.

The name of the central character in “Lac-Noir”, Valerie Roberge, is moreover a reference to Gaby Roberge played by Melissa in “On Your Marks…”, but there the references will end.

In addition to directing the eight episodes, D’Amours has collaborated on the script by Martin Gerrard and Charles Dion.

“I was already jumping into the project with my eyes closed, meaning I have complete confidence in Fred, and have a great friendship with him. Then, I read the scripts within an hour and flipped, because in Quebec, I find that we don’t really have a series like this. It’s a dream for the actress !”

amazing makeup

Elico Club He defines “Lac-Noir” as a “genre” series, due to its tone that blends mystery, fear, and distrust in an “unusual and hostile” environment. “A place where families’ secrets, the demons that inhabit us, the evil we carry within ourselves, and the obsessive pursuit of power are of unhealthy proportions,” describes producer Pixcom and Quebecor Content, promising a mix of action, love, and suspense filled with twists and turns on the frontiers of Lac Noire.

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Even the special effects makeup of some of the performers will reflect the slightly quirky spirit of “Lac-Noir”. It’s the work of Adrien Moreot, a famous Hollywood-based Quebec artist who has worked in blockbuster productions like “X-Men,” “Night at the Museum: Battle of Smithsonia” and “Barney’s World.” .

Louise Cardinal, Laurie Papin, Pierre Alexis Saint-Georges, Louis-Philippe Dandneaux, Marc Fournier, Marie-Evelyn Lessard, Isabelle Micolone, Isabel Nellis and many others are also part of the “Lac-Noir” team.