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"Closing Australia is incomprehensible"

“Closing Australia is incomprehensible”

The information fell early this morning: Australia could close its borders by the end of 2022. We have heard the warm reaction of Guilloom Lyndon, the boss of Asia, in this announcement.

Australia Pushes back the chances of reopening to international tourists At the end of 2022 or at best, we learned this morning. Guilloom Lyndon, Asia’s boss, gives us his reaction:

“This is not really surprising to us,” Guilmond Linden explains. Australian officials have been talking about it for months. In fact, I believe they are trying to stop the journey. Stories of Indian or Brazilian genres, managing epidemics in Europe, make sure these are not things that are guaranteed to Australians.

This serious position of the Australian Government is incomprehensible because it suggests that this target would have been closed almost 3 years before the return of a foreign tourist! If this is confirmed, the effects of the entire welcoming ecosystem will be dramatic on the target, as the entire economy of the tourism economy will be sacrificed.

“A disaster for our allies”

This prolonged closure of borders would be detrimental to our partners (receptions, hotels, guides, tourists, tribal communities depending on tourism revenue) as aid will be greatly reduced from the end of March 2021 to make up for the lack of receipts linked to non-domestic tourism incoming tourism.

We were looking forward to a start in the summer of 2022. If it were only at the end of 2022, it would be ridiculous! “