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Clodelle didn't appreciate her edit on her last Sunday at OD in the West

Clodelle didn’t appreciate her edit on her last Sunday at OD in the West

Clodelle left the adventure OD in the West This week we had the opportunity to speak with her.

The singer notes that she didn’t like watching the 2000s party episode, where she got into an argument with Marilou and Sarah Dunya.

« I really had a cat in my throat when she was [Marilou] I was talking, but with the big dramatic voices and zooming in on my face, I seem to cut it. There, Sarah proceeded. I found it to be more intense than it actually was. There, now, I’m out and about seeing the repercussions, and how hard it must be for me to bump into her because of that. Of course I find it awkward and boring “She said.

« It’s all about perception She adds. ” I didn’t see the situation that way. I wasn’t talking about Marilou and the love triangle, I was talking more about the dynamic in the house which got a little more difficult because we, the group of five, felt like with the two girls we were like two separate clans. I had a couple of conversations with Marilou, who said that it would be interesting to be more united, because at the moment it is difficult to live the separation of the group. »

« On the show I look mean “, as you say. ” I was defending Alexandra because she was really close to her face and pressed my thigh and told me she didn’t feel good about it. I just told him, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, and we’ll talk about it again.” There I had a cat in my throat and it exploded. »

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« Personally, I was disappointed with this offer. But, I think when you “sign up for a reality show” you can expect anything. They can do whatever they want with you. It’s okay, I live with him. »

She continues: That evening or the next day, we all said we loved each other. It looks bigger than it actually is. […] The only time he had a little “hitch” was on TV, and not all the great times we had together were special. I find that very frustrating, because it’s not the reality we see on TV. There are so many missing pieces to show the true relationship between us. »

Alexandra has a similar speech. See what she said about the situation here.

Clodelle notes that she appreciates being able to watch the episodes with her three friends from the adventure, Alexandra, Alex “Yale” and Jackson, who were with her in the House of the Excluded. “ It was fun, I was at the house of the excluded with the two guys I had my adventure with. We can take a “break”, explaining ourselves. Sometimes Jackson would just grab my shoulder and say, “I love you, I’m sorry for saying that.” We were there to explain things. We all came out stronger together “, Emphasizes.

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