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fête de la science 2022

Climate change in the list of Fête de la Science

In its 31st edition, this year’s Fête de la Science is held under the motto: ” Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation ». This national event sees the world of research and science come before the general public. In our area, as everywhere, dozens and dozens of recreational vehicles and events await enthusiasts and curiosities of all ages.

As in every science festival, representatives and representatives of scientific culture, professionals or associations will present to visitors the most diverse and in particular “themes” Thinking together on issues related to climate change. it’s the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Who is leading this event?

a program

Animation shows are numerous, from scientific villages to festivals, through demonstrations, meetings or even exhibitions and workshops planned in the area. to discover them, click here.

To find the program next to you, because it is also available by department, it is here! The Alpes de Hauts Provencethey tall mountainsthey Alp Maritimethey Bouches de RhôneThe mouse Finally Vaucluse.

science actors

Researchers, as well as students, doctoral students, high school students, and community activists, join forces during the Fête de la Science to provide the public, in an educational and interesting form, with the information needed to share this scientific culture. Museums and media libraries as well as local communities are mobilizing. An ideal opportunity for everyone to better understand the challenges of climate change and how to deal with them.