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Claudia talks about her experience with the celebrity older brother: 'I didn't want to do that'

Claudia talks about her experience with the celebrity older brother: ‘I didn’t want to do that’

While many considered her the biggest winner of the Big Brother Celebrities series, Claudia Buffett quit the adventure this Sunday, after being unable to convince Stephanie to keep her by her side. The candidate was moved and calm when she left, believing that she had offered a game that lived up to her values.

We were able to talk to him about it, the day after his release aired: “ I was calm. I was, really, really at peace with what was going on. Of course, two and a half months in that house, in the context of extreme reality TV, can be really stressful and I felt so proud of everything that happened. I knew I didn’t necessarily want to start telling big lies. I was like the blues last night and knew my campaigns weren’t about other girls.[…] But I leave calm. »

The player explains that at first she didn’t want to Celebrity Big Brother : ” I, at first, didn’t want to do that. I found it very terrifying. I told myself, it’s not possible to get into a house with 24/7 cameras. Still this humble aspect of my private life, I’ve been telling myself I can’t do it, it’s impossible. But at the same time, I had a feeling this was something I really wanted to do. I was like mixed. Then I thought about the experience itself, what it would be like. When in life you have a chance to experience such? We are so caught up in the speed of life these days that I told myself that I finally needed to live it and that it would give me a world of good. »

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To find out how her partner, Eleanor, would cope without her, Claudia tells us: “ Leo, she gave everything to everyone. She wanted to help everyone win. She’s always dedicated herself to being on the block, and very generous too. I hope she sees all her value in the game and goes to win for it. I’m a little afraid she just wants to help Hugo win. I will find that boring. »

Claudia Buffett is now back to sing. She also released the song “Douchebag” during her stay in Celebrity Big Brother. She will be performing at l’Astral on June 2. His album will be released on May 20. You’ll also be able to discover the second excerpt, “G Girl,” starting April 6.