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Cities in Europe where you can get pickpocketed

Cities in Europe where you can get pickpocketed

All travel has its share of risks, but traveling in Europe means paying special attention to “pickpockets”.

British insurance company Quotezone has identified cities in Europe where tourists are robbed the most.

1- Rome, Italy

2- Paris, France

3- Amsterdam, Netherlands

4- Berlin, Germany

5- Athens, Greece

6- Barcelona, ​​Spain

7- Lisbon, Portugal

8- Istanbul, Türkiye

9- Dublin, Ireland

10- Warsaw, Poland

The first place in Rome is explained by many tourist attractions such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon, which are very popular. They are also very crowded places where it is easy for a pickpocket to find several targets.

Paris is also famous for pickpockets. The Eiffel Tower is a favorite place for these petty criminals who do not hesitate to rob tourists.

Amsterdam is also back on the charts, although it’s not quite as popular a destination as Athens or Barcelona. Thus, the high number of reports of “pickpockets” earned him the third position.

To avoid being robbed, it is recommended to stay alert and carry as few valuables as possible. Jewellery, fine watches and large sums of cash should be left in the hotel safe.

We also recommend carrying a shoulder bag with zippers to hold your cell phone or wallet.

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