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CHSLD residents travel with virtual reality headsets

These helmets have been available for a few months at some CHSLDs, like Saint-Apollinaire, just making people happy.

The landscape is very beautiful. It’s flowers and all that. The rest of us, here, aren’t so flowery!releases a helmet-equipped resident. I liked it, but I was afraidadmits a woman, laughing, who had just traded away winter to plunge back into summer.

And it’s not just the patrons who marvel at these photos, which are sometimes a bit disconcerting for the residents. Louis-Frédéric Lessard is the Living Environment Consultant for CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches, and he is amazed at the results.

Quite still people who will try to raise their feet so as not to touch the water or try to come forward to touch a flower, to touch a blade of grass. »

Quote from Louis-Frédéric Lessard, Living Environment Consultant for CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches

I’ve seen residents react really well to that! So getting out of the shell a little bit, starting to move again, trying to talk, naming things, touching, that really does lead to something very beautiful for our population.Mr. Lessard adds, convinced of the benefits of this technology.

Quebec experience

The helmet, which costs about $1,000, is linked to an app developed by a Quebec organization, Super sublime, which captures locations in extremely high resolution in 360 degrees.

It allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature.

We tell ourselves, well, a virtual reality headset is a “baby,” but at bottom, it’s a baby that allows young people to escape into incredible fantasy environments, believes Super Sublime general manager Jean-François Malouin. Imagine what it could do to people trapped within four walls all day.

On the left, Jean-François Malouin, Managing Director of Super Sublime and on the right, Louis-Frédéric Lessard, CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches Living Environment Consultant.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Philippe L’Heureux

Currently, the application offers a kind escape. More other international destinations will be uploading, but for now seniors are discovering Quebec’s landscapes.

Ultimately, the project will allow two helmets to be installed at all 29 Chaudiere Appalachian lodging centers.

With information from Philippe L’Heureux

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