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Chrome customizes its own shortcut menu on iOS

Chrome customizes its own shortcut menu on iOS

Chrome is gaining more customization on iOS. Google's web browser in its latest version offers the ability to modify settings and quick access to the carousel display.

Google It has not been decided (yet) whether Chrome will integrate its own Blink display engine on iOS – although this would be possible under the Digital Markets Regulation (DMA) – perhaps due to conditions imposed by Apple. We'll have to make do with WebKit, Safari's engine, for a while longer. But this does not prevent the web browser from developing, and in the right direction.

Check in settings

After installing the latest version of chrome (125.0.6422.80), a new option is available in the settings panel, which can be accessed by touching the icon with three small dots at the bottom right. As its name suggests, it allows you to “customize the menu” located at the top of the window which includes many shortcuts to basic browser functions.

Previously, this row of icons displayed frequently used items first. From now on, the Internet user has the possibility to rearrange them according to his needs, and hide the icons. The list below allows you to reorganize the different items in the Options window to your liking.

It's not revolutionary in terms of interface, but it's always good to give the user a choice! Note that this (strange) customization is not available on Android, just like the ability to place the URL bar at the bottom of the screen, although it has been available since last November on iOS.

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