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Christmas parties: a puzzle for restaurateurs

Christmas parties: a puzzle for restaurateurs

The holidays are approaching and companies are already starting to plan end-of-year parties at the office.

The situation is expected to be complicated, especially for restaurants, where certain health restrictions remain.

We’re already starting to have questions for Christmas parties. “People are not sure how things are going, because the rules change a lot,” Pascal Auger, general manager of La Taverne Carrefour Laval, said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Currently, restaurants can accommodate groups of 25 people or more, but they cannot gather more than 10 people at the same table from a maximum of three family bubbles.

“I should only have tables of three, rather than tables of ten, so it doesn’t really work at Christmas parties,” explained Pascal Auger.

Faced with such headaches, some companies have already decided to do as they did last year by organizing virtual office parties with online games and door prizes.

“Last year, we played ‘La Fury,’ and we guessed. Interligne’s managing director, Pascal Vilancourt, said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles, ‘When people win, we give out prizes.’

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