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Christian Dvorak scored the worst frontal lead in the National Hockey League

Christian Dvorak scored the worst frontal lead in the National Hockey League

You know the story.

Philip Danault turned down an offer from the Canadians just over a year ago, after which the two clans have not exchanged any more official offers. Danault ended up finding his complete independence and leaving for Los Angeles. He will also face the Canadian tomorrow evening at the Bell Center. How will the fans react to it?

Meanwhile, Jesperi Kotkaniemi accepted a lucrative hostile offer from the Hurricanes. Mark Bergiveen didn’t see fit for the match the offer The Kotkaniemi officially took the road to Carolina.

He’s only earned three points in 10 games so far this season — and paid out $6.1 million — but he’s playing (probably not enough to impress him) with one of the best teams in the entire NHL.

How did Marc Bergievin decide to replace Danault and Kotkanyemi, two of the top three midfielders? Remember, Eric Stahl won’t be back this season either.

He exchanged a first-round pick and another second-round pick to the Coyotes for Christian Dvorak.

Most people applauded this deal. Dvorak was sold as a player as good as Phillip Danault in defense and better than Danault. And Kotkaniemi with a tablet.

He has the difficult task of replacing – Cedric Paquette – Kotkanyemi and Danault.
(credit: screenshot/twitter)

Unfortunately, Dvorak has not met these expectations since the start of the season.

1. He has only five points (including one goal) in 13 games. lost its place on top six Despite the absence of many important players. Offensively, Dvorak has yet to prove that he can be a center in either of the top two lines. from a good team. Hopefully it will move soon because CH needs it.

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2. Without a disc, Dvorak would probably be more disappointing.

Displays a cumulative difference of less than 8 In his last two matches…

Since the beginning of the season, he has been in less than 13. So he is the worst in this regard among all the attackers in the NHL…

only defender of poor Coyotes Jakob Chychrun has a worse difference than Dvorak.

(Credit: QuantHockey)

I know that differential stats have their limitations, but still…

3. He seems to be lacking commitment, energy, defensive responsibility, creativity, engagement and more since the start of the season. Have the years of evolution for an organization like wolves left their mark?

Tomorrow, you might look at Philip Danault and tell yourself that his absence left a huge gap in the middle for Canadians. Unless Dvorak was about to explode aggressively?

a lot of

Did I tell you that things are going badly? ‘a store in Canadian?

– Paul Byron continues his rehabilitation alone.


– Finally, there was already an offside on Quioto’s goal…

– CF Montreal: A totally crazy year!

– Yes, there is disappointment… But there is also pride, despite the team’s elimination yesterday. Now it’s time for the grand finale of the Canadian Championship.

Losing a few points here and there at the end of the game would hurt CF very much.