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Christian Bauer, the eco-idealist!

Christian Bauer, the eco-idealist!

Between the careerists and the idealists, I will always be fond of the latter. They remain loyal to their convictions and strive to achieve them on the ground.

It turns out that professionals are somewhat narcissistic. They are ready to do anything as long as it serves them personally. To hell with the collective!

While politicians take off their headscarves in hopes of securing a cabinet position, there are people who remain true to their ideals and take action to make the world a better place.

These people rarely make the headlines. However, they dedicate their lives to building the well-being of their fellow citizens.

My career, whether as a teacher, trade unionist, or columnist, has allowed me to meet some of these exceptional people who are bent on making lasting change.

I am thinking in particular of Christian Payeur, architect of the development of the Brundtland Green Schools Network (which became the ACTES movement) and the creation of the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation.

For over twenty-five years, Christian has been active in saving the planet by drawing on the power of youth.

ignoring despair

The daily news is horrific and heartbreaking. It is easy to understand that many are frustrated and skeptical about their ability to curb climate change or environmental degradation.

Moreover, the work of politicians tends not to reassure them. Despite all these avatars, Christian Bauer has never given up on his ideals.

Even today, he remains convinced that by having more people aware of the gravity of the situation and willing to put pressure on governments, we have a chance to leave healthy ground for future generations.

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His journey wasn’t always easy. He had to go through the doubts of those around him about the actions he advocated and the hesitations of the powers he sought.

He has reason to be proud of his commitment. A Little Bit of Comedy: Even those who originally doubted are now showing their pride.

leave without leaving

In 1982, Christian was appointed by CSQ as a researcher. In 2003, he became director of the Department of Professional and Social Work. In 2005, he also became the general manager of the foundation. Retired in 2011.

That year, he became a member of the foundation’s board of directors. He just announced his departure there. However, he promised to continue working and making a financial contribution.

Essentially, the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation and the ACTES movement are dedicated to educating and mobilizing young people to protect the environment.

For Christian and his partners, hope is nourished by those thousands of young people committed to fighting climate change.

Thank you, Mr. Bayer, for never giving up despite the skepticism of many and for reminding us that the best strategy is action.

You can like him Make a donation by going to the foundation’s website !