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Chris Weidman passed through the succulent

Chris Weidman passed through the succulent

The Canadians struggled again in the strength match on Tuesday night, and that played a big part in the 3-1 loss to Wilde at the Bale Center.

Since the start of the season, the team has scored only one goal in 21 strength-playing opportunities. For many, the lack of a good defensive man in formation is questionable.

Now, the role of the quarterback is behind Chris Weidman, who no one would confuse with Bobby Orr. Furthermore, Weidmann did not deliver a great match on Tuesday, which drew criticism of him in the “After Game”.

“Weidmann should be your defender number six, or seven, there he finds himself the midfielder in the first wave of strong play and for me, that’s really the thing missing,” said former CH defender Alexander Piccard.

Former Senate goalkeeper Matthew Chouinard has been more consistent.

“Weidman is not very good at distributing the disc, he does not have an ace in the power game, he does not fit the disc (in the opponent’s area), plus it costs a penalty,” he lamented.

“Weidman, what is he doing now with the Montreal Canadiens? To fill a jacket?” then asked the analyst.

Watch the full discussion in the main video.

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