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Chris: "I think the fans will appreciate it"

Chris: “I think the fans will appreciate it”

The last time more than 20,000 people walked through the doors of the Bell Center, Marc-Andre Fleury took charge of the show by eliminating the Canadian to savor the 500th victory of his career.

That was on December 9th. Three months later, after the restrictions are back and lifted, the Hab will find a home crowded with fans. For the occasion, we are entitled to the first visit in the history of the Seattle Kraken.

“It’s exciting to have our fans back. We should have a lot of fun. I’m sure they will love the way we play,” said Josh Anderson.

The attacker scores a point. He and his co-workers have been playing hockey more inspirationally over the past few weeks. Speaking of which, they can count themselves lucky that the Bale Center has been closed to fans for the past three months, with boos undoubtedly numerous.

Watch Martin St. Louis’ press briefing in the video above.

We may have seen many T-shirts thrown onto the ice, as it was on December 2, when the avalanche visited. In January, Montreal lost seven consecutive times at home. A sequence in which they allowed at least five targets on six occasions.

Instead of finding this dying team, the Canadians’ supporters will be able to cheer on a team that has won seven of its last nine matches, including harvesting more than six points out of a possible 10 during its final run.

booster attack

The success of this latest trip is attributed to several factors, including a more solid defensive game, better goalkeeper catches, and a more effective formidable attack.

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Over the last four matches, Habs’ massive attack has maintained an efficiency rate of 20% (4 goals on 20 occasions). A huge improvement considering that the team average, up until then, was 15.7%.

“I think we’ve had our fair share of scoring chances all year, although they haven’t come up statistically. On several occasions we’ve hit a post or been victims of a huge goalkeeper save. It comes down to one of those pucks to finish some Games with an efficiency of 25%. “So we weren’t saying it was a problem,” said Chris Weidman, the Canadian’s most used defender with a man advantage.

However, the latter admitted that Alex Burrows has made some changes in recent weeks, which means the disc is moving a little faster into enemy territory. Confirmation confirmed by Martin Slois.

“We’re starting to have an identity. It doesn’t mean we’re going to score every game, but we have better chances. It’s not like we’re reinventing the wheel, but we’re coming up with ideas. Alex (Burrows) is doing a good job with the group. For my part, I’m trying to provide some small details. Head coach support for Al-Kindi.

Lakonen effect

Artturi Lehkonen is another one who’s “doing well. The Finn came back from his five-game run with a record six goals and two assists. During that streak, only Auston Matthews and Jason Robertson, with seven goals, were better than him.”

“I love playing with him,” Jake Evans mentioned. He is a guy who has worked hard all year. He always has a pedal on the floor and doesn’t worry too much about what happens to him. He is a player we can all take as an example.

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With Lehkonen’s efficiency in defense (he is the only regular in the squad to score a positive record) and such a surprising ability to score, Kent Hughes will likely receive some performances over the next few days.

“He does a lot of things that you don’t see on the score sheet, but the coach notices them. Praise St. Louis, he’s a professional playing the right way. He is able to tell the productive lines. As soon as I arrived, I saw that he had chances to score. The difference is that he started to show up.” .

Hopefully the streak will continue against the kraken.

Press briefings by C. Evans and C. Anderson –