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Chloe Primerano becomes the first skater to be inducted into the Little Canadian

Chloe Primerano becomes the first skater to be inducted into the Little Canadian

Last night, I wrote a landmark moment at CHL, the Canadian little one: a woman recruited to play a non-goalkeeper position.

The Vancouver Giants have secured the services of Chloe Primerano, who plays man of defense, with the 268th pick for auction, or in the thirteenth round overall. Leftist is also a native of Vancouver.

She became the first female figure skater to be drafted by a CHL club. In the past, Charlie Labonte (1999, QMJHL), Jenny Lavigne (2002, QMJHL) and Taya Currie (OHL, 2021) have all been drafted, but those are three goalkeepers. Therefore Primerano is also the first to be drafted in the WHL.

Among the many, only Labonte played in the CHL. Shannon Zappados (WHL), Manon Ryome (LHJMQ) and ve Gascon (LHJMQ) have had time to play in the past.

Why did the giants take a chance with her?

Barclay Parneta, the club’s chief executive, says playing in the nation’s top hockey league for 15-year-olds means she deserves recognition for her talent. In the U-15s, she had 19 points, including two goals, in 30 games.

Chloe Primerano says she’s good in both areas and loves to copy her game from Duncan Keith. We obviously wish him well in the WHL.

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On the other hand, it will not be easy for her to take her place. The current 15-year-old (WHL Draft like this) is 5’8 inches tall and weighs 134 pounds. So it is not the heaviest among the things that will not make its work on the Blue Line easier.

That is why the majority of girls who separate from the home work as nannies.

Is the solution instead to promote women’s hockey in a better way to ensure that more women like Primerano have a high-profile position to grow? After all, playing against men is not always easy.

Talk to Marie-Philippe Pauline, who refused to play for Trois-Rivieres in ECHL…and it’s not because of a lack of talent.

Without wanting to reduce this to the fact that girls should only play with girls, we can wonder if there would be more women who could reach high levels this way, in terms of size. This is the goal after all.

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Continuing with match number 2.

Maxim Talbot learned this year in San Diego. [91.9 Sports]

Will he play in Laval in the qualifiers?

– This is an excellent start.

New contract in Columbus.

– Folder to watch.

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