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China will dominate the US in almost all high-tech sectors

The center of gravity of the educational, technological and therefore, scientific world is slowly but surely shifting towards Asia. “Western democracies are losing the global technological race, which includes scientific advances and the ability to retain research and talent. All of these elements are essential in the development and control of today’s and tomorrow’s key global technologies.

It starts with this observation Report of the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy (Aspi), an Australian think tank, announces its findings “Analyzing high-potential research from important and emerging technology areas, focusing on articles published in leading journals”, Accurate Guardian.

As reported by Asp – Appointed US for International Engagement Center of the Department -, China will lead in 37 of the 44 high-tech sectors analyzed. From electric batteries to communication based on 5G or 6G technologies. “The United States leads in only seven technologies, such as vaccines, quantum computing or space launch systems”, Get it back Guardian.

China now leads the march of nations in science, in a quest to copy or improve upon even the slightest new Western technology. So much so that talent today is largely exported to the East“One-fifth of the highest positions [publiées par des entités chinoises] Post-doctoral researchers from five eye-owning countries have co-signed. [soit le Royaume-Uni, les États-Unis, l’Australie, la Nouvelle-Zélande et le Canada]”, British newspaper reports.

Joe Biden, his State of the Union speech On February 7, it confirmed America’s desire to continue its efforts in the competition against China, by stating that they “The U.S. will continue to invest in innovation and support its allies while securing advanced technologies. [déjà développées] So they are not used against [eux]”.