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China: Paramedics faint due to heat

China: Paramedics faint due to heat

The heat wave hitting China as the country sees a further rise in COVID-19 cases is having dire consequences for caregivers who are sometimes struggling to stay on their feet to complete their tasks.

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Those COVID workers, who must wear head-to-toe white protective clothing, are suffering greatly from the heat.

In videos posted on Chinese social media, and reported by CNN, these workers can be seen receiving help from their colleagues after suffering from discomfort due to the intense heat.

Some lose consciousness and others have to undress, splashing their faces with water.

Other photos show a worker punching his suit to drain the sweat that has accumulated inside.

To cool off, employees use blocks of ice that they lie on or hold while they continue to work.

Last week, more than 80 cities issued thermal alerts in China, as temperatures exceeded 43 degrees Celsius.

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