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China launched a mysterious object that raises concerns – La Nouvelle Tribune

China launched a mysterious object that raises concerns – La Nouvelle Tribune

But what is happening above our heads? In fact, 164 days ago now, a Chinese robotic space plane has been launched into space. If this doesn't scare anyone, the news that it launched a completely unknown payload a few hours ago did.

The American security forces, responsible for monitoring the space domain, were the ones who reported the launch of this payload. However, some assumptions have been made. according to'US Space ForceThis may be a “sub-satellite” (miniature satellite) or equipment that the Chinese may want to get rid of before the spaceplane. Shenlong I will never return to Earth.

China is on trial for unidentified space launches

From the Chinese side, no one talked about this issue. Indeed, it seems that the authorities want to unleash the development of their project, rather than announce anything about it. The project started in December 2023, the date on which it was completed Shenlong Launched on a rocket Long distance 2FOn his third mission. A mission whose end date we do not know.

That's when the secret of this mission began. In fact, just a few days after entering orbit, Shenlong began launching several objects into orbit. However, these objects did not emit any signal. It is impossible to determine what these things are or are not. It is also impossible to know their whereabouts. there Shenlong mission It brought its share of questions.

Questioning the forces of space

This is a situation that is stressing the United States and the European Union, but also India and Japan, and to a lesser extent Russia. In fact, these space powers also want to develop and enhance their space capabilities, and the fact that we see China carrying out completely unknown exercises or launches is a reason for some concerns.

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