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China has become the world’s largest car exporter: bad news for the Japanese?

The world is changing. And it’s true that you have to take a quick trip to Shanghai to realize this more clearly.

So why do I say Shanghai? Just because there the China Auto Show closed its doors today. And true enough, my colleagues from Le Figaro told us, visitors to this show were able to see 1,000 manufacturers lined up on the starting blocks with 150 new models, most of which, it’s true, are electric.

So I’m telling you about it today. Why ? As much as Japanese and South Korean manufacturers have succeeded in imposing their brand, be it Toyota, Nissan or Kia, it was still unbelievable for a European citizen to imagine driving a car made in China not so long ago.

I quote (analysts and specialists in the automotive sector): “You ride a Japanese elevator without worry. Did you come with the same peace of mind in a Chinese elevator?”

Obviously, people were saying “no” not so long ago. But this anecdote is nothing more than a bad joke. Today is a bad memory.

Again, for a very simple reason: The latest statistics this week show that China will soon become the world’s largest exporter of cars. China is ahead of even Germany and will try to overthrow Japan, which is still the largest exporter of cars in the world, but not for long, according to its specialists. So for what? Read more in the economic log above.

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