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China achieves an achievement and advances over the United States – La Nouvelle Tribune

China achieves an achievement and advances over the United States – La Nouvelle Tribune

There was a time when space conquest was an essential field Russia And the United StateThese two forces carried out the first feats, such as the Apollo missions or the flights of the Mir space station. Decades of competition have seen these countries dominate the exploration and use of space. However, the space landscape is changing, and… China You have just crossed a historic threshold by achieving first place in the world: Collecting samples on the far side of the Moon.

This Tuesday, June 4th investigation Chang'e-6 China's space flight marked a turning point by lifting off from the moon's surface carrying samples taken from an area never explored by man. This successful operation represents an important step forward for China's space program, which aims to continue exploring the moon with a manned mission planned for 2030. The probe's elevator succeeded in extracting itself from the surface of the moon and entering its orbit, despite the extreme temperatures it encountered.

The mission, which began on May 3, took place in the Great Polar Basin South AitkenOne of the largest impact craters in the solar system, it is located in the part of the moon hidden from us. Equipped with a drill and a robotic arm, the probe aims to collect samples that could reveal new secrets about the formation and history of our natural moon.

This Chinese achievement is not only a scientific breakthrough, but also a symbol of national pride. During this mission, the Chinese flag was displayed for the first time on the far side of the moon, adding a patriotic dimension to this scientific achievement. The collected samples could also contribute to a better understanding of the origin of the solar system and facilitate preparation for future explorations.

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While the China National Space Administration has not yet revealed the next steps for the mission, the samples are expected to remain in lunar orbit for a few weeks before returning to the moon. Land. This return is expected at the end of June, marking a new phase in what could be a series of more ambitious lunar missions.

China, determined to strengthen its position in the space race, continues to develop its capabilities to compete with the United States and Russia. The plans include not only manned missions, but also the construction of a lunar base by 2030, demonstrating Beijing's commitment to becoming a superpower in space.