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Chile's feat of qualifying for the first World Cup by defeating the United States

Chile’s feat of qualifying for the first World Cup by defeating the United States

Chile qualified for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France for the first time in its history by beating the United States 31-29 on Saturday in Glendale, Colorado. “Condors” will be in England. group.

Chile qualified for the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023 for the first time in history after a stunning 31-29 win over the United States in Glendale (Colorado) on Saturday. Santiago Videla’s penalty in the 75th minute favored the “Condors” for the first time in the game, thus sealing Chile’s qualification, after the American’s narrow victory in Santiago last weekend (22-21), first leg.

“It was very strong… the sacrifices this team made. There were times when it seemed impossible,” Chile captain Martin Sigren said. Chile finished in Group D of the French World Cup with England, Argentina, Japan and Samoa at the expense of the United States, who only missed out on the 1995 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

America can still hope

All is not lost for the “Eagles” team, who could travel to France in 2023 due to the final qualifiers to be played at the end of the year. Four teams (USA, Portugal, Kenya and Hong Kong or Tonga) will compete for the last ticket to France. American captain AJ McGinty has said that this is heartbreaking. “We gave a lot (…), especially in the first half. (…) But the credit goes to Chile. In the first half we completely controlled them. I saw them below their posts and their look was lost. , but they fought and it was theirs. debt.”

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It all started well for the Americans, who dominated 19-0 after 31 minutes of play, and after two tries from Martin Iosefo, captain A.J. Replaced by McGinty, who also scored a try. But the Chileans scored two tries (Marcelo Torrealba 35th and Mathias Karabulich 39th) after Nick Civeta was suspended in the 32nd minute, with Santiago Videla’s conversions, to go 19-14 at half-time. Time.

Returning from the locker room, former LOU hooker Joe Duffy scored a try in the 48th, which MacGinty converted. The “Condors” responded in the 51st with a try and conversion from Videla to make it 26-21. MacGinty scored a penalty in the 58th minute, but Chile responded with a try from Matias Dittus in the 65th minute. Videla’s conversion brought the visitors back to 29-28. And Videla’s final penalty in the 75th minute then sent the “Condors” to France and the “Eagles” field.