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Children’s show sparks controversy in Montreal’s West End | Black History Month 2023

A performance is scheduled for February 26 at Pointe-Claire; Another, held the next day at Beaconsfield, was canceled due to controversy.

Critics, members of the black community, decried the appearance black face, And that, even if the artist himself is of Martinic origin, this is a caricature that embodies it and that the exercise requires highlighting and exaggerating the characteristics of the model without diminishing them.

In question, there are several elements revolving around the doll’s appearance, which some consider unsightly, explained Mr. Sylvester to Every morningFriday, ICI Premiere Day.

It all starts with my dollIt is to explain, My doll they consider ugly, which they say is a bad representation of black people, and can leave a bad image in the minds of people who have never met black people, and eventually promote celebrities black face.

It’s a theatrical principleHe said, To build a strong personality.

We reverse black faceassures the artist, who says that his puppet is the one that solves the story, that it is the one that unfolds [des situations]. She is the smartest!

What bothers me is that my doll is taken out of context and performance and the incredible success of Blackbeard. »

Quote from Frank Sylvester

The story began after a local promotion of the play, the content of which angered some residents. The indignation then moved to social media, where the issue garnered a lot of attention.

For now, the planned event in Pointe-Claire is being maintained, but the community isn’t budging and is also asking for it to be cancelled. The municipal council requested clarifications from the author before taking a position.

At a news conference Friday morning, representatives of West Island’s black communities, particularly the West Island Black Community Association, didn’t mean to laugh. Thus they denounced the many recent events which, in their opinion, hurt them and inflamed the wounds of the past, citing a sketch in bye bye Among other harmful elements.

In fact, Joel Debellefeuille, founder of the Red Coalition, brought up Pointe-Claire’s lack of judgment when he programmed the show.

Former policeman Alan Babineaux also attended the conference. He didn’t mince his words, saying that in 2023, systemic racism, because that’s what it’s about, in his opinion, is no longer happening. He also argued that black face It could be blacks.

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