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Children's play stirs controversy in Levis

Children’s play stirs controversy in Levis

A children’s play, due to be presented at Levis this summer, is causing a sensation on social networks.

Many parents consider the play’s words claustrophobia. A position strongly denounced by the mother of Levis.

“I found it a bit ridiculous to see that this piece was offered to children and that this piece is set from 4 to 12 years old,” explains Angelica Trotier, mother of a two-year-old.

She says she fell out of her chair earlier this week when she received the guide to activities offered by the city of Levis this summer.

“I came across a play called Diet Ketchup. When I read the description, my arm fell. We’re talking about the ketchup clown who has extra pounds and to make him lose weight, his friends are going to stop him from having his favorite meal. I find that at the point we’re in as a society, it’s not a great message to pass on to Our children. These are xenophobic remarks.”

For her part, the director of Marie Stella, which produces the piece, defends itself.

“It’s just for fun. I don’t think it’s offensive,” said Marie-Christine Moran. She says she’s still sensitive to the situation and thinks she might be making changes to the piece.

In the city of Levis, there is no doubt that performances on the program have been canceled. We are answered by email[…] This play was also shown at City events and did not provoke any negative reactions from young and old spectators. You should know that Levis spectators are 95% satisfied with the production of this professional band that we remind you that they specialize in family entertainment.

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The play will be shown on June 27 and 28 at two Levis theme parks.

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