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Childhood cancer clusters: Authorities fail to explain them

Childhood cancer clusters: Authorities fail to explain them

Between 2017 and 2019, 11 cases children’s cancers They occurred in children under 15 years of age in the municipalities of Pont-de-l’Arche and Igoville (Eure), separated by the Seine and by one, he recalls. Parisian. Then the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Normandy confiscated Public Health France in an attempt to understand the condition of the clusters. On Tuesday, June 29, the Health Authority, the ARS and the Regional Directorate for the Environment (DREAL) revealed the results of their investigation.

There are no explanations for this group of childhood cancers

The study focused on air quality, soil pollution and industrial drainage in this region. It was also based on the responses of five families to a questionnaire sent to them. Despite searching, there is no لا ‘Common factor identified by investigation’ To explain these many cases of childhood cancer. “No environmental or industrial anomalies were detected and we also did not find a common exposure factor in children.”Melanie Martel, an epidemiologist at the regional unit of public health in France, announced during this meeting with families.

Other pediatric cancer groups were identified in other French departments. In Sainte-Pazanne (Loire-Atlantique), in particular, and in the Jura. Here again, investigations by the French public health authority have not found a common cause of cases of seriously ill children. At Eure, six of the reported cancers are leukemia.

Watch continues تستمر

During the investigation, four new cases were identified, bringing the number of affected children to fifteen. That is why the health authorities have decided to continue to monitor the emergence of new young patients with cancer. “In coordination with the National Cancer Registry and Rowan University Hospital, we will continue to monitor the emergence of leukemia over time to see if the numbers will change.”Melanie Martel said.

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asked by Parisian, Coralie Gargwill, whose son has anaplastic large cell lymphoma, thinks “methodology” From the problematic investigation: “These are studies over time, over 5, 10 years, on a scale that seems too broad to us. We don’t understand. As in other places in France, every time a group is identified, Santé Publique France doesn’t find an answer.” With families of other sick children, you want answers. So they decided to create a group to continue the research, “By getting help, because we don’t have the skills.”