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Chea Padre: Serge Fiore wants to know

Chea Padre: Serge Fiore wants to know

“This project changed my life,” says Serge Fiore in the new web series. Chez Padré with Serge Fiori Which offers 11 great interviews where the musician for the first time plays the role of the interviewer.

Serge Fiore has been toying with the idea of ​​”changing chairs” for several years on his own to ask guests questions. The former leader of the Harmonium group approached a dozen characters he wanted to invite to his home in Lac-Saint-Jean. Everyone accepted and surrendered as never before.

Among the 11 guests in the first season, we find the actor Michel Cotier. When the latter recently announced that he was retiring from public life due to serious health issues, Serge Fiore stated that he had been “thrown to the ground”.

He said, “Michelle is a great being.” We talked to him to find out what he wanted us to do with the interview. He wanted to broadcast it because it was his last interview. Now we pray for his recovery. »

The other guests for this first season are Guylaine Tremblay, Normand Brathwaite, Luc Picard, Luc Dionne, Isabel Richer, Michel Barrette, France Castel, Régis Labeaume, Anne Dorval and Louis-Jean Cormier.

There is no financial assistance

Some people may be surprised to see that each episode is priced at $3.99, in order to eliminate production costs. Serge Fiore states that he tried to get financial help from the government to make the series free. without success.

“We were not helped, even if we asked. It’s so disgusting. We run on our own. It’s hard.”

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According to Fury, some television networks are starting to get curious about his project. To pass it to the small screen, however, it would be necessary not to distort the formula, he says.

11 episodes of the web series Chez Padré with Serge Fiori can be purchased from