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Charon's Staircase - a new horror game now available on all media

Charon’s Staircase – a new horror game now available on all media

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Joystick friends, sweaty cold in their hands, rejoice that the SOATESCO diffuser is once again offering us something to satisfy our guilt-free little happiness. Developed by Indigo Studios, Charon’s Staircase is released today on all media and takes us to visit an old building filled with dark corners. Real joy in perspective.

The story is completely original. We’re on a mission to go and bury the past of an ancient institution called the “Ministry” that seems to have been dumped behind dark misdeeds. It is a matter of visiting places from top to bottom in order to find and destroy all the top secret documents. Only, you suspect the thing will be a lot less simple than it seems. Decipher codes, solve puzzles and survive…we know SWEDESCO to its catalog already with some well-made horror games. Sharon’s hand Join the ranks of today.

You can now start to Sharon’s hand on me Nintendo SwitchAnd the Playstation 4/5And the Xbox OneAnd the XBOX X/S series. And the the computer Across steam and theEpic Games Store. Note that a night out is planned. But will you have the courage?

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