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Charming new trailer

Unveiled during ID @ Xbox fair last MarchAnd the Omno We immediately captivated by its atmosphere and artistic direction. It’s on occasion guerrilla group That new trailer makes the main point. The developer intends (yes yes, he is alone) to make us travel in a wonderful and idyllic world.

The InkyFox studio is actually made up of the same person: Jonas Manke. A father of three, this former animator first worked on this business by perceiving it as a simple hobby, a hobby in short. Five years later, facing an imminent release the creator is now faced with a very personal, dream-like project that risks touching a large audience, and he’s still the best at talking about it:

Omno takes you on a journey to discover a wonderful ancient world. It is a single player adventure filled with puzzles, secrets, and obstacles to overcome.

Jonas Monkey, InkyFox

The game will launch this summer on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. And if the desire to test it beforehand tickles you, know that a completely separate demo from the final game (in the form of an introduction) is available on Steam. The best way to discover the world of the title as well as its underlying mechanisms. Note if you didn’t know that the game will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

More info about Omno on XboxSquad:

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