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Charlotte |  Journalism

Charlotte | Journalism

I will always remember that moment. It took place at the Gouverneur Place Dupuis Hotel in Montreal, one day in the fall of 2012, during pre-tests for the first season of Voice. Hundreds of performers show off and I and Esther Teman, the show’s content producer. A beautiful big girl arrives. We ask him for his name. Tell us. Then she begins to sing. Esther and I, looking at each other, amazed, already know the rest is it Date. Not to say historical.

Stephan LaporteStephan Laporte
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She was in the Grand Final of Mary May’s team. You didn’t win, but it’s just like that. It charmed millions of people.

The last time I heard her sing personally, NeighborhoodIt’s November 19, 2018. I no longer have to ask him his name. Anyway, it was written on his keyboard: Charlotte Cardin. And the whole crowd chanted: “Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlotte!” In French accent. La Cigale’s crowd, in Paris, made it victorious. Quebec proudly fills the present.

Success is gratifying when it happens to someone who deserves it. Who found it while searching for something else. Looking for is important. Search for the artist in it. By looking for what he can bring. Much more than he can withdraw.

It’s always been like this, Charlotte. Perhaps at the age of 18, she was pushed to the front of the stage, by the most popular show on TV, and has never lost track of. She didn’t make the mistake of thinking she had arrived. The journey had just begun. She didn’t want everything right away. She wanted to learn before she took. She is wise in her madness, in her genius. It is very sensitive. She allows time to get over her fears. From her creative anxiety. she is right. Time is the best companion. The one who never gives up.

Photo by Marco Campanuzzi, press

After waiting for nearly eight years, Charlotte Cardin released her debut album, Phoenix, on Friday.

Except that we find it long. We were waiting for his first album in eight years. Luckily, we had songs. What songs! shrapnelAnd the OffsideAnd the Big boyAnd the The main girlAnd the Passive aggressive… Jewelery. But she was taking the safe from us. the case. The album is the measure of the business. The same. Depth. Of the essence. Chapters songs. The album is the complete novel.

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Here it is, at last! Has been named Phoenix. It came out yesterday. Expectations were high: 2,920 days of expectations were high. Mission succeeded. Phoenix It is the bird that flies the show. Phoenix It is a bird that revives in us everything that Charlotte has already planted. Over the years and across the air.

There are 13 songs, 45 minutes of magic. This is also the album feature, We Have Time Ahead. Time to soak up. Time to savor. She dreamed it up with her gang in Montreal. Its partners whom it has been traveling technically with since its first voyage. It would have surrounded itself with universal sizes. His EP The main girlIn 2017, she seduced Paris and Los Angeles, but preferred the hours of her collaborators. Those who took the time. with her. Faithful to herself and to those who love her. Being personal to be global.

This is what we wish him. Charlotte Cardin has the potential to become a world star. Because of his unique voice. Both are strong and brittle. Both are beautiful and disturbing. Also because of her immense talent as a songwriter. His songs are immortal. Unheard of, since the first hearing, it seems like he’s always been there. An effect reminiscent of cutting Amy Winehouse and Adele. From the current classic.

Charlotte has her voice. His style, his signature. Its subject matter: tormented love. She will tell me that she’s not the only one expanding on this topic. True, but his method of nibbling in every word, as with many wounds, brings new excitement to the genre.

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Moreover, she writes and composes so well that Celine Dion has to request songs from her. They have differences that bring them together. A shared passion for heart-breaking poems. The time that separates them and what unites them. Who would have said before who are theyThat was Goldman match The singer? Cardin Dion, it would be a heavenly connection. A man can dream well.

Having said that, read enough, I invite you to put your ears on Phoenix Charlotte Cardin immediately. You will forget about the virus, variants and curfews.

Music remains the best vaccine against bad luck. And that’s okay, with the album the second dose follows the first.

happy vacation!

And once again well done, Charlotte! One of your first fans.