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Charlotte Cardin has released a new single: “A Party Song for People Who Don’t Like to Party”

A new song and an invitation to chat with one of the most influential radio hosts in the music world: Charlotte Cardin Spring and her many fans promises to be exciting.

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First the music. For the first time since the release of the deluxe edition of his album PhoenixIn the fall of 2021, the Quebec star presented a new song, Colored paper clipsin a stroke at noon on Tuesday.

In a press release, she explains that this electro-pop piece with a catchy, languid beat is “a hymn to introverts”.

“I realized, Charlotte Cardin explains, that every time I found myself in the evening, there was a moment when I needed to go together in the toilets to refocus. When I realized that, I thought ‘I have to write a song about it.’” party track For people who don’t like to party.

The title was produced in collaboration with his loyal creative partners Lubalin and Jason Brando. There is no question about an album at the moment.

Zane Lowe show

On the other hand, the international image of Charlotte Cardin is gaining value. After singing for US President Joe Biden during his visit to Ottawa a few weeks ago, she was invited to the show The Zane Lowe ShowToday on Apple Music.

This offer should not be despised. From Adele to Taylor Swift to Harry Styles and U2, the music world’s biggest celebrities spoke on this show.

It’s Hanuman Welch, Zane Lowe’s collaborator, who will be asking questions to Charlotte Cardin.