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Chantal Fontaine returns for a rare period to her conflict with Fabien Laroche and the end of Virginie

Chantal Fontaine returns for a rare period to her conflict with Fabien Laroche and the end of Virginie

Passing through true nature, Chantal Fontaine returned, and for a rare time, to how the series Virginia For her, as well as on the mediated conflict with Fabien Laroche that resulted.

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Comedians who have worked for several years in popular dailies are often recognized by their character’s name, even many years after the show ended. Talk to Chantal Fontaine, who was passing by this Sunday at true nature. When her weekend boyfriend, Regis LaBaume, arrived at the chalet, he immediately invited her Virginie.

It was clear that it was impossible for the actress not to be questioned by Jean-Philippe Dion about this project that would be important in her career, but also about its rather bitter results.

The facilitator asked her if she had the impression that despite everything, we remembered it Virginia For the wrong reasons, be final.

“We’ve got our end, Fabien and I, that’s clear. But even if this confrontation was put into the public arena, it was, I think, necessary.”

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To recall the facts, let us clarify that Chantal Fontaine’s departure, 12 years after the series premiere, was not on good terms with Fabien Laroche. in an interview in Everyone is talking about itAt the time, the actress stated that her scenes had diminished little by little and that she considered them a “heartbreak”. Fabian then responded by publicly offering the lead actress’ salary to indicate that she was treated well.

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Jean-Philippe Dion later showed an excerpt from the aforementioned interview of Everyone is talking about it, Then Chantal replied.

“It was intense! […] I have called my pain. And this, I had every right to do! I argued.

Since then, water has flowed from under the bridges and they buried hatchet pits. To prove: Chantal appeared during the final episode of Virginia in 2010, and the two women worked together a few years ago on the series. clash. Chantal was also present, in November, for the special broadcast of TV kids Dedicated to Fabien Laroche.

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